SharePoint Developer Certification


Hi guys,

are there some certifications exam about SPFx / O365 development?

I'm looking for a way to evaluate SPFx skills / O365 development skills on my team :)

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Hi Federico,

Not at the moment, but I think this is being considered, so maybe later in the year...
At least I hope so :)

Microsoft has never designed a certification to certify SharePoint Dev Skills I have not hear they are going to do for SPFx, but yeah, things can change over the time

@Juan Carlos González Martín @Joel Rodrigues thanks for the answer!

I found this thread I hope MSLearning will make them available soon :)


@Federico Porceddu 


I just have to say that I think it's insane that there is such a low emphasis on SharePoint currently in the new role-based certifications that were recently rolled out.  Although maybe not quite as prominent as I'd like, there has traditionally been some cert MS offered related to SP and IT Pros, albeit not usually specific to devs.  Either way, it seems like SharePoint has been stripped out of a lot of the course offerings and definitely out of the certification names.  Everything is related to M365 and that's fine from a Marketing perspective... I get it.   But there's a really broad set of skills needed to be a dedicated SP IT professional, whether you're more on the admin or dev side or both and those skills typically take years to develop.  Is it just me or does anyone else feel slightly shortchanged by these recent changes in the certification lineup?  Happy to evolve with the times and adjust skillsets but don't diminish the work I've been building upon for years by suddenly removing said learning paths.  Just sayin....

Microsoft 365 training modules & Microsoft 365 Certified: Developer Associate certification 

  • Microsoft 365 for developers – Fundamental (3 modules)
  • Extend Office – Fundamental (4 modules)
  • Build Apps with Microsoft Graph – Associate (7 modules)
  • Implement Microsoft identity – Associate (5 modules)
  • Extend and Customize SharePoint – Associate (8 modules)
  • Extend Teams – Associate (5 modules)
  • Extend Office – Associate (5 modules)