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This is the best documented presentation with the code example to teach the developer to get the CDN work! I found this article due to find suddenly the picture library with the web part doesn't work (slide show). It took me half day to read/follow the instruction. The instruction is 100% accurate! 5 stars! My corns will be: It was taking several minutes to set a picture library and a slide page (using the webpart) on SharePoint. Now we have to go CDN! The most concerns to me will be: When you enable the CDN, you will see the warning below: "WARNING: This is a feature built on a 3rd party application with privacy and compliance standards that differ from the commitments outlined by the Microsoft Office365 Trust Center. Any data cached through this service does not conform to the Microsoft Data Processing Terms (DPT) and is outside of the Microsoft Office365 .." This is very crap! So, basically the easy SharePoint Online Picture library with the webpart (slide func) has gone, We have to check the security of this third party to able use the same function ...? I don't get why Microsoft is doing this? George
I want to add branding (Styles) to the cross-site navigation of a hub. Should i create a SPFX extention and add it to all sites ? Is there another solution? Thanks!

Hub capability is not yet available publically, but coming soon. You can control the hub menu branding by using modern themes. You can though also add SPFx extension for possible another level of widgets in your sites.