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           I am trying to access sharepoint REST api using OAuth. I am getting 401 unauthorized exception when I try to call the url




Does this need "full control" permissions? Attached are the permissions setup in azure portal.





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Hi @Taron1645 ,

azure permission looks good.

Try to change group settings from "Group Members" to "Everyone"

Risultati immagini per sharepoint spgroup see users



Hi Frederico,


              Thanks for the response. Where can I see the group settings? For the AD application I am testing against, I see one user and role assigned is Default Access. Attached screenshot.

Hi @Taron1645 

1) Did you call correctly https://<<tenant>> , without permissions problems?

2) You can access to group settings in this way

  • Select Site Actions > Site Settings > People and Groups.
  • Select Settings > Group Settings
  • For each group listed, Navigate to "Who can view the membership of the group?" section.



Yes the issue is that I am able to access certain sites and get successful response and getting 401 unauthorized for others. I am not sure where the problem is.


Below is the endpoint

Hi @Taron1645

/_api/Web/SiteGroups/ tipical needs the setting I share with you, if the user is not a group member.

Could you try to make a basic call i.e. for every sites?

Are you using client / secret for authentication?

Hi Frederico,


         I made a basic call to _api/Web to couple of sites, I am getting similar results. One is successful, the other is 401 error. I am using Client/Secret/Certs for authentication.



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Hi @Taron1645 

in this case you're permission settings is not correct.

Please use this one





Thank you!