SharePoint 2019 Hybrid + O365 Graph API

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In a SharePoint 2019 Hybrid configuration, is it possible to access the O365 Graph API in a on-premise SharePoint 2019 hosted Add-In? If so, how do you access the security tokens needed for graph requests?


Currently, I create SPA JavaScript applications in SharePoint 2013 (Hosted Add-In) and leverage the REST API to get data from various lists/library's. I'm familiar with the JSOM/REST API's in SharePoint 2013. However my company is considering upgrading to SharePoint 2019 On-Premise. The company also already has O365 Enterprise subscription for all users (primarily for Outlook/Teams). But I am thinking to join the new 2019 environment with the existing O365 to make it hybrid.


What I need to figure out is how to make on-premise add-ins that can connect to the O365 users via Graph API in order to access e-mail/calendar/etc. 

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