SharePoint 2016 Provider Hosted App Deployment + Configuration

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Hi all, 


I try to configure my SharePoint 2016 to support Provider Hosted App. In addition to my SharePoint Farm I have an Server 2016 with IIS where my App-Websites are located. I try to get the Provider Hosted Apps to work. But I find a number of different blogs and How-To's but nothing leads me to a solution. Especally I don't know what kind of certificates I need to create and where I have to create them and afterwards where to copy which cer and pfx file and where to registere the app with wich Client- and Issuer ID. 

Would anybody be so kind to help with this and provide me with something like a plan where to what.

Thank you very much. 
If you need additional information, just ask :)

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Hi, me again :)


just to be clear, I don't want you to write a complete How-To for me. Some basic steps would be great, especially regarding to certificates. Or it would be great if we could discuss about it. There are many blogs and How-To's to find, but most of them say something different and nothing helped me so far.