SharePoint 2013 Master Page Problem URGENT!

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Hi everybody,


I have a problem with the SharePoint Masterpage. I tried to put google analytics in it and reupload it as a new version but it said an error. But now I do not have access to the the home page and the design manager page master page gallery of the all site and either to the Site collection Administration but I have access to all the other page and their master page gallery. 


Ther error is this one 

"Sorry, something went wrong

An error occurred during translation of your HTML master page.  For more information, please navigate to the master page by clicking the preview button in the Master Page Gallery or directly typing its URL."
Thank you for your help!


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@Siméon Weh Try to access via SharePoint Designer and revert your changes

Is that going to make it all like before with the same home page ? And administration settings ?


Thank you all! I succed to change the master page and every thing work good now!!