Sharepoint 2013 - creating a workflow to check for monthly entries in a list, send alert if no entry

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In Sharepoint I have a list of multiple columns to track invoices as they come in and are approved, sent to AP for payment. Each row is new invoice, starting with vendor ID # and name.


One of the columns is a Yes/No if the invoice is a monthly recurring invoice or not. 


I need to create an alert that is emailed out on a monthly basis if one of the expected monthly recurring invoices if not received. There would be several checks, if Recurring Yes, continue workflow. If the check between the first and last day of the month is empty, send an alert, if there is an entry, stop. 


I already know that I do not have access to Information Management Policy Settings. 


Can this be done with workflows or will this require Powershell scripting?

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Since this a SP 2013 environment, the best way IMHO to have this functionality is by implementing a Timer Job that is executed monthly and performs the checks you require in order to send or not a reminder

This is purely a personal preference, but I would write a powershell script to do this and run it as a scheduled task of a dedicated server.


I much prefer running these sorts of regular run batch jobs in this manner as opposed to a workflow or even a server-side timer job.


I find PowerShell scripts to be more flexible in what you can achieve, easier to run to an expected schedule, far easier to maintain/deploy (no outage), and more portable to later versions of Sharepoint/O365