Setting is missing on root level on SPO sites

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Hi Team,


We have SPO site. We found that below option is available in sub site level setting but not in root level settings. Is this a default behavior of SPO sites.


Please help us to get that option on root level too.



Users and Permissions
People and groups
Site permissions
Site app permissions
Harish Patil
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It's unclear what type of Site (Collection) you are talking about, but this should work the same. On the root site home page, click the gear icon in the upper right area of the screen and choose Site Permissions. At the bottom of the flyout, choose Advanced Permission settings to get to the screen you are looking for. You can also get to that settings page on any site by appending /_layouts/user.aspx to the url in the address bar.

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Hi @Don Kirkham,


Please find the attachment of screen shot. ("Root site Settings page.png" and "Sub site Settings page.png") If we go to Settings.aspx page on root site below option (Setting - Users and Permissions) is not showing. But If we go to sub site level on Settings.aspx page we can see option (Setting - Users and Permissions).


If this a default behavior of SPO sites by Microsoft? or I am missing any permission or feature activation?


Root site url: SiteURL/_layouts/15/settings.aspx


Sub site url: SiteURL/ProjWS/_layouts/15/settings.aspx : ProjWS is our sub site.


Option - Menu on settings.aspx page:

Users and Permissions
People and groups
Site permissions
Site app permissions

Yes, this is normal. Permissions are handled in the Settings menu (Gear icon) under the Site Permissions option. That menu also has an Advanced Permissions Settings link that takes you to the user.aspx page.