Search page to include the document preview ellipses

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I would like to add the ellipses that opens the options to a document as they do from a library, from the search center page where the items can be searched. This need came up when looking for an easier way to access a workflow for a content type, which made sense to find all the items to run the workflow on by using search. At this time, the ellipses does not show in the preview popup for documents from the search center.


If not the entire ellipses, it would be beneficial to at least get the direct link to a documents workflows page from in search.


Any ideas if this is possible greatly appreciated.


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Hi @Brian Barbagallo1 , which version of SharePoint are you using?




The SharePoint Online version. Is there somewhere to find documentation to the page template for the popup I could use for the Search page? I had seen something like this in a Pluralsight video but cannot recall which video series it was from.

Anything else besides it's SharePoint Online that you would like to know about this?

@Federico Porceddu Which version of SharePoint are you using?

@Brian Barbagallo1 @Federico Porceddu 




Does your O365 plan has Office webapps online enabled? If thats available you should be able to see the document preview in the hover panel?


Otherwise,we may need to customize your display tempaltes in order to show


This link can be a reference for your requirement.