Responsive UI in SharePoint Online - Oslo Master Page

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We have recently migrated our intranet to SharePoint online. I have our main landing page set up as a publishing site. I have build a page layout with the design manager snippet tool that fits our needs and am using the Oslo Master page. All of my content is inserted via web app parts in the snippets inserted in the layout. I believe I have stuck as close to MS branding initiatives as possible. I have an alternate css page designated that changes a few things with the top nav bar and sets a background on the pages but not much else. 


My question is, Should I apply the Responsive UI package from PnP as discussed here, or wait on the updated publishing sites to debut? Will my publishing site automatically be updated to become responsive if I wait for the new structure to roll out?

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Hi Robert,


I would definitely wait till MS takes over and use the PNP stuff for making it responsive. Something tells me that a lot of things in PNP are going to be integrated in later stadium.