Remote event receiver working well when debug locally, but did not work after publishing it to azure

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I have developed a remote event receiver for our classic online team site. the RER worked well when i debug it locally, bu after publishing it to azure the RER is not having any effect. here are the steps i followed to deploy them to azure:-


1. i generate the client and secret id, using this url inside our classic team site https://**** 

2. then i access the app from the SP admin center @ https://*** and i grant the app the following xml permission:-



<AppPermissionRequests AllowAppOnlyPolicy="true">
<AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/tenant" Right="FullControl" />



3. I create a new App Service inside azure

4. i got the public profile for the app service >> using VS 2019 >> i update the web.config with the generate client and client secret (generated from step number-1)>>i publish it using the ftp:-


5.  now i can access the app service + the .svc service, here is the result i got when i access the service (rer.svc in my case):-


6. then i used this PnP script to add the RER and link it to the list:-



Add-PnPEventReceiver -List "Project System" -Name "PUSRERupdating" -Url -EventReceiverType ItemUpdating -Synchronization Synchronous

Add-PnPEventReceiver -List "Project System" -Name "PUSRERupdated" -Url -EventReceiverType ItemUpdated -Synchronization Asynchronous


but when i update any item inside the Project system list, i will not get any effect. final not i am following the approach mentioned in this link @  to create and deploy the RER, which again worked well when i debug it locally.

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