Pros and Cons of adding a new List to a Tenant

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Our technical engineer wrote this question:


What would be the best development scenario for:


User: Office365 user with Site Collection admin right, but no Powershell or other skills.

Scenario: User creates a new SharePoint list with a Wizard

The Wizard:

  • Asks for localized Fieldnames & Descriptions
  • Asks which CSR transformations need to be applied
  • Creates a new CSR file in the Style Library
  • Creates a Site UserCustomAction ScriptLink 



Possible development technologies:


  1. App
    • can't create ScriptLink?
    • still lot of REST or JSOM coding
  2. PnP
    • We don't know enough about this yet
    • Uses XML files from a back-end?
    • Can not be triggered from the Browser side?
  3. PnP Core Javascript
    • Is only a wrapper around REST,
    • need to write all List, Field provisioning code ourselves
  4. JSOM coding
    1. unknown if it is supported in the New SharePoint version


Our team skills: jQuery, SPServices, JSOM, Angular 1

We are looking for a solution that takes away a lot of custom REST/JSOM coding.




Thank you,

Rosa Daniels


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Creating a wizard that creates a list based on your requirements and wizard input and then attaching a JSLink to that list/content type, as well as adding a custom action, is achievable using an App with REST and/or JSOM, or you could do it with the PnP server side or client side library or the PnP PoSh.


It's all about your requirements, and your skill set. And from what I can see creating an Angular app and use REST would be a really smooth option for you.




I know the guys from SPMETA2 are working on a javascript version of their solution which probably comes really close to what you are looking for. For now it's C# only.


I don't know how far along they are at the moment, by you can get in touch with via their Yammer on