Problem with Choice Column and Selecting for Views

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I have recently built a simple Teams/Sharepoint Site that uses a Tracking Board (basic list) for one of our projects.  The Tracking Board has a column called SubTeam, which uses a Choice list for selection for each new record in the table.  The Choices are restricted to only select from the available list; no write in of data is allowed.  Members of the site are allowed to edit records in the Tracking Table, but I believe, do not have access to change the Choice list.  I also created a View using the Tracking Table that groups data records by SubTeam for easy viewing and discussion.  Somehow, though, I am now having multiple problems with the data and can not understand the reason for the issues.  First, the view does not filter correctly now on the Choice list selections.  For example, instead of filtering on SubTeam: Couch, I now have filters showing SubTeam: ;#Couch#.  The record itself looks like it has the right selection in the SubTeam field.  I even re-entered but without success to fix.  I then went into the List Settings to try to fix my View and now I can not even select the SubTeam column under Group.  Does anyone have any idea what would cause this or how to fix it?  I can redo the entire view, but without knowing why or what caused it, I am concerned it will just happen again.  Any help or support is appreciated.

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