PnPjs in the Slow Lane

Copper Contributor

I've read over the PnPjs Getting Started page a few times and none of this is landing. I'm not unfamiliar with NodeJS, but I'm lost here. Does PnPjs exist as a library of the sort that I can include in a web page using a script tag and begin using? Can it be used in 2016 on-premises without SPFx? I'm currently working with a lot of jQuery, doing REST calls to SP libraries (painfully constructing REST syntax that actually works) and using Knockout.js on the front end. I'm under the impression that PnPjs can help with the REST queries aspect of this. Am I on the right track (in the right corner of the internet)? 

Someday soon we'll migrate to M365 and SPO although our ability to use SPFx remains in question (giant government organization, lots of rules). Learning PnPjs hopefully leads this direction.

Thanks for any guidance or assistance. 

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