PnP Groups ?


Hi guys,

little bit lost with the new Network. is this the right "group/place" to post about the PnP framework (including the JS SIG) ?? 

/cc @Vesa Juvonen @Patrick Rodgers

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For now the only "Dev" oriented group is that one...

Hi Luis


I agree its not easy to spot the PnP stuff in this new network.  I did  Ana Chau to see if we could get a our separate PnP area but nothing has happened although I have noticed that the idea is "Under Review".  It maybe if more people contact her it may yet happen.  I think we should have a separate area.  t also looks as if you cannot cc people into replies.





Thanks Nigel! it's not only to have a separate group, is this new interface, that to me is far from being good enough. Yeah, not able to mention Ana here :(