Office 365 E3 assign license for SharePoint

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The client is having Office 365 E3. The valid count is 1309 & assigned count is 409 show in the license page (under Billing) of Office 365 Tenant.


Few users are assigned Office 365 E3 license and rest of the user license is not assigned. However unassigned users can also access the SharePoint Online Site. Is it a right way ? Do we really need to assign the license for individual user for accessing the SharePoint Online or it is enabled default for the Office 365 E3.




Please advise.

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@Sajith G H While your users can access SharePoint without a license assigned, you still need to own these licenses for each user who accesses SharePoint (It would fail an audit otherwise). 

You should be assigning licenses to those users.

@Beau Cameron 


Thanks for the information.


It would fail an audit otherwise - Could you please explain more on this. 

@Sajith G H Office 365 is licensed on a "per-user" basis. For every user that is accessing SharePoint Online, they need to have a license. Audits are conducted to confirm your organization is adhering to these terms of your service.