Office 365 CDN Not working. File not found.

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I enabled CDN via powershell as explained here:


According to the documentation I need to wait 15 minutes, its been more than 24 hours and I get File not found error.


I created a support request and they said its not their scope of support, I know this is in developer preview, but at least it should partially work :), I have another colleague with same error on his tenant.

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Have you checked if the extension of your file is amongst the extensions enabled for your CDN?





PublicCdnEnabled : True
PublicCdnOrigins : {196900703a5fd93f5cdb58e9403464e64ee17ebea5ba179a06bb41c03e2c212a53c28ca8,





PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-SPOPublicCdnOrigins
Id Url
-- ---
196900703a5fd93f5cdb58e9403464e64ee17ebea5ba179a06bb41c03e2c212a53c28ca8 HTTPS://xx.SHAREPOINT.COM/SITES/CDN/SPFXASSETSDEVELOPMENT

170500695f4a7bd9fb0bee6a62bd9e240520bb6c6914c7c0a0d45c24a0c38cd352133cb4 HTTPS://xx.SHAREPOINT.COM/SITES/CDN/SPFXASSETSPRODUCTION



If I go to:


The file is Rendered.


However if I go to: _vti_bin/publiccdn.ashx/url?itemurl=


I get a file not found

Sorry, something went wrong
File Not Found.





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Hi Luis,

we are in progress of pushing some updates around the CDN capability as part of the journey for the GA, which will be impacting both documentation and existing configurations. We should have more detailed information on the updated configuration and behaviour in matter of few weeks. 

Thanks Vesa!

Vesa, do you have an estimated timeframe for the GA of the O365 Public CDN?

We are talking about days-weeks, rather than months. So soon. 

Just to follow up on this, in case someone missed it.


Thank you Vesa! Great to hear about the private CDN preview as well. Is there a high-level estimated timeline to have the private CDN go GA as well? Working with these both together sounds like a great setup.

"high-level estimated timeline to have the private CDN go GA as well?" - That should happen pretty soon. Rather weeks than months. 

just to say, i set up a public CDN recently along same lines as yourself following tutorials and all is working very nicely.

I had exactly the same issue with the .json files in my SPFx solution, the .JSON format was indeed not accepted by default.
At this moment the .json file is not being used so you can skip it. It should be soon verified 100% if the file can be skipped without running into trouble later.