O365 SharePoint Online -People search -User not found

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Hi All,

I have O365 SharePoint online tenant environment.  I tried to search organization people from people search box but facing "User not found" issue .

Organization -> People search.


Once I tried to click on selected user below error screen get visible.error.png



I checked on different tenant but It seems that issue is still there for all tenant.

Let me know if you have any resolution or suggestion.


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Search is one of the areas that is being changed by Microsoft, so you could have hit a possible bug default, people search should work and provide search results around any user that is part of your tenant...have you tried to search the same user using classic search experience? By the way, people search is working as expected for me


I tried to search people from site search box like below.







4.Navigated to Organization link and selected people tabCapture3.PNGCapture5.PNG

If you take a look at the Url that is underneath the link, you could see that the Url is not correctly build up. It contains 2 times a question mark (?). First for accountname parameter and second for user parameter. If you replace the second question mark with an ampersand (&), the link will work and you will be correctly redirected to Delve user profile.


As stated by @Juan Carlos González Martín it contains a bug. I would suggest you raise a support ticket for this with Microsoft.