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Hi All,


I was a SharePoint developer many moons ago but haven't touched it in a long time. I've recently had to dip my toe back in and I've managed to get my head around the spfx framework and have setup my development machine with node.js and have managed to get rolling with my first web part.


What I'm trying to do now is filter the standard List webpart using a value from the query string. I know you can filter lists themselves in this way using ?FilterField1=<value>&FilterValue1=<value> and I also know the List webpart has dynamic filtering so I was hoping this wouldn't be too bad but I've hit a brick wall.


I found the project: which has provided some webparts using the IDynamicDataCallables interface and I've also found this documentation from MS: 


However when I put one of the webparts on the page which defines an IDynamicDataCallables, the List webpart doesn't seem to identify it as a source. 


Has anyone had any luck with this? I'm into day 5 now of messing about with it and starting to feel like I'm wasting a lot of time! As I remember you used to be able to do this in the old SharePoint 2017 era of web part connectors. 


Any help  or advice would be much appreciated

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