New SharePoint Framework Developer Course (and 50% discount)


I wasn't going to post this to this forum, but someone from MSFT suggested I do it... so where we go. I'll keep this very brief.


I've been working on a video-based on demand training course for developers on the SharePoint Framework for the last few months. It's going to be a huge course.


On September 19 I'm launching it as a pre-release with a 24-hour special 50% discount. You can get all the details here: Mastering the SharePoint Framework on demand Course Pre-Release Availability News [And a 50% Discoun...


If you want to get access to the 50% discount, make sure you signup to the mailing list mentioned in the blog post above as the 50% discount code will only be sent out via email to those on my list.

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Really looking forward to you making this available Andrew, introduction modules were really valuable and I have no doubt the full course will be even better!