Modifying Hub navigation\Mega Menu Font Size

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We have a hub site as a main intranet with several associated sites. The ask from customers is to make the hub navigation bold or larger font. 


Is there a way to modify font size for hub navigation? Anyway using Application Customizers?

We do not want to create our own control as it should be manged through the out-of-the box navigation settings. 

Any quick modification that we can do?

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@Isha Kapoor 

I am facing exactly the same issue, and same I do not want to customize anything, I prefer to use as much standard feature in SharePoint as possible. Screenshot of my Megamenu

@Isha Kapoor You can inject custom CSS using SPFx application customizer to make hub navigation bold like: {
    font-weight: bold !important;




Check my answer for more information at: How can I include JS and CSS files on SharePoint Modern Page? 

Note: DOM manipulation & CSS customizations are not recommended by Microsoft and some of your customization may break if Microsoft changes HTML element id/classes in new release updates.

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