Modern Search Results getting a hyperlink value?

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I have configured a search box and the search results to point to a specific list. The list has a "hyperlink" item in it ....

In Graph I see the Hyperlink contains a Description and URL. 
I want the URL value to be the underlying hyperlink in the search results output.
Currently I have a custom template that displays the Title with an underlying link to the item in the list. That's where I want to change it to the Hyperlink.Url value....
In the search results selected properties Hyperlink isn't even an option. There is HyperlinksOWSMTXT but that doesn't seem to output anything when I added it to the template.


What it looks like in Graph API so it's definitely there....




How it renders now but it's using the href="{{getUrl item}}" right now...



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I will answer this myself after getting some help from a colleague. I had to edit the managed property "a refindable" string" and add map ows_Hyperlink to it. I then added HyperlinkAZ (the alias I gave it) to the selected properties and it will now diusiplay.