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How to connect a newly created MS Team to the existing Modern Site? If we attach a Team to the Office Group of the existing Modern Site, does it attach to the site? Or is creating the Team first which SharePoint Modern Site as well is the only option?


We have a SharePoint Team Site for each department. Is it a good idea to create a MS Team for each department? How is the user experience as only few things they can do in Teams and rest of the things they need to go to the actual SharePoint site? For ex. to select the Content Type, fill metadata, Flows, custom list forms etc. Any guidance/suggestions is much appreciated.

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You can attach Teams to an Existing SharePoint Group site assuming the Team doesn't exist yet :p. So you create it off an existing 365 group.

As for the content type and metadata etc. I would possible see if you can delay it for a bit longer, but SharePoint integration is supposed to be coming in the near future so that you can do metadata and all that right from within Teams, so the experience should be consistent and they wouldn't need to go to SharePoint to do these things.

But you probably have separate libraries and in that case you can use website link to link to these libraries now and do the metadata etc. in the tab.

Thank you :)

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