Microsoft PNP Certification?

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Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction toward Microsoft PNP Certification?

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What kind of certification are you looking for?

Yep, I was wondering the same....AFAIK, there is no such a certification...neither from an academic point of view or for ISV one

Thank you for the response, Juan and Paul.  If there are no specific certification courses centering around PNP development for SharePoint, perhaps you can direct me to Microsoft Certification courses that would be the best fit, aiming toward PNP?

Hi Jason,
AFAIK, there are not specific Microsoft Certifications around PnP

Hi Jaun,

No.  We searched on the Microsoft Certification site pretty hard for it.

I'm currently looking for a Microsoft Certification course that would be best suited toward placing me on a path or aligns with SharePoint development and building SPFx App Part (Web Parts) for SPO and Office 365.  My manager wants me to get MS Certified while selecting a path that best suits that type of development.

I don't think that there are great certification courses but the best course around on SPFX is definitely Andrew Connell's Voitanos course - Covers the full range of creating and deploying.

Thanks for the information, Kevin.  Much appreciated.