Managed Properties PublishingRollupImageOWSIMGE and PublishingRollupImageOWSIMGEX

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On Friday I noticed my search queries which were using managed property PublishingRollupImageOWSIMGE to pull back RollupImages on a Page started returning null. I looked in the search schema and found PublishingRollupImageOWSIMGEX had appeared with an Alias of PublishingRollupImageOWSIMGE. What this seems to mean is that SP is now returning the PublishingRollupImageOWSIMGEX property which wasnt populated, running a re-index on my Pages successfully populated this property. I figured someone on our tenant had been messing about.




Today a client has had the same problem. I check their search schema and there it is, PublishingRollupImageOWSIMGEX (I notice PublishingPageImageOWSIMGEX has also been added). Why has this been added? If there's a valid reason then fine, but from the name used it almost seems like someone messing about has accidentally pushed the change to production.

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Hi @Adam Wildash,


In my tenancy I also found the GEX property:



I didn't find the IMGE property though.

Interesting, thanks for taking a look. Almost like a cleanup job has been run on your tenant to remove the old one. A re-index would still be required on any content if you were using the PublishingRollupImageOWSIMGE managed property though, as that new property is going to return nothing until that happens (obviously edited or new content will be fine).

I had encountered this Issue many months back in my tenant. Microsoft support notified me that is a known issue with the legacy managed property of PublishingRollupImageOWSIMGE and I was told to use PublishingImage instead in all my queries, as it has the same data. Going forward I recommend you use PublishingImage as it's also mapped to both crawled properties as shown in screenshot.









Interesting thanks for the reply. I have used PublishingImage in the past but figured these individual properties could be relied upon. I guess not :)