Lync Presence on SharePoint hosted add-in

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I am trying to build a SP Hosted add-in that also shows the Lync presence real time via the add-in part. However, I can only get the hover to show the Lync contact card, etc. However, the presence indicator (jellybean) would not change with the change is Lync status.


I have added the app web to Trusted Sites in my IE settings (for DEV sites this is automatic). This does not help.


I had a feeling that the Active-X namectrl cannot modify the html inside an iframe, so I did another round of tests. Loaded a standard SP page using a page-viewer webpart. This time though I see that the presence indicator changes inside the page-viewer webpart (again a iframe).


What is different when it is an iframe of an appweb? Is CORS to blame somewhere since the app-web is a different domain?


Anybody got this working?

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I'm still struggling to figure this out. I cannot find any reference to this that might help. Any developer in the community who has built something similar or has been able to workaround this?