Linking to CSS Files in Assests Library from Intranet

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I am trying to import a CSS file from an assets library we have in SharePoint to a web page in our Intranet (not inside SharePoint), and usually all links work great. However, in this case, the CSS file does not seem to be sending the correct headers or something to identify itself because it mangles the page. However, when I link or import the file from bitbucket (raw) or github (raw), I have no issue. Nor do I have a problem when I enter the CSS directly on the page. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. This one is really stumping me! (I tried githack and got a developer cdn link, and that also works; just not a link from SP).



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@Charisma Riley  I realize this is an old post that may not need an answer at this point, but typically items stored in SharePoint are secured by user permissions. I am wondering if you asset library is secured and you haven't configured your Intranet site to be able to access it/have permissions to it.


You can setup anonymous access in SharePoint and you can access SharePoint resources from other web applications, but it isn't as straightforward as one would hope. However, there are options out there if this is still something you are trying to accomplish.