Lack of CSOM support for calendar overlays

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Anybody else frustrated with the lack of programmatic access to SharePoint Online calendar overlays?

Our users, who daily create lots of sites from a template, need to spend valuable time fixing up the overlay urls on each new site, each of which point to a list on the original site template.

Please add your vote to the related SharePoint User Voice posting.



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Well, CSOM is continuously evolving and this capability of adding calendar overlays with CSOM could be added...or not..

Hi @Brian Mair,



I just checked out the user voice entry, and it's a single paragraph with a single title to explain the issue - which is very limited. I can't put my vote on that. However, if you would mind extending the user voice with background for the issue, what business case it would solve and generally more details about how and what you'd like to achieve perhaps it'd get some more votes :)