JSON pure for SharePoint (and whole Office365)

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I am finding a lot of time goes into the difficult REST layer for my new Teammembers.


Is Microsoft working on a modern Web API like we use with Twitter?

JSON pure: http://mmikowski.github.io/json-pure/


Or does anyone know of a better middle-tier we can use?

Given the amount of time we spend on learning and debugging REST there is considerable budget.


I can schedule part of the project to october if the New SharePoint has a more friendly API




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I don't think we will get that modern API in the near future...what we will have is the new Development Framework that will be released soon

As far as we can tell from the MVP blogs this new SharePoint Framework is bound to tooling like TypeScript and React and won't make it any easier because traditional .Net developers have to learn new ways, and traditional Front-End developers are not up to speed with TypeScript (or even React)


Are there any estimates on how much extra learning time needs to be forecasted in the budgets?


I have experience with Lotus Domino upgrades, not with SharePoint, for every new version we roughly budgetted 20% extra learning time.


I know this is not a strict Development question. Is there any info for SharePoint Projectmanagement?