IDEAS needed for creating Checklists

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I have a large SharePoint list which details the tickets and licensing requirements for each role in the business. For example a Truck Driver requires a MC License, Passport and High Risk Work License. These are shown as 3 separate line items tagged to Truck Driver. 


When we onboard a New Truck Driver I need to be able to export a Checklist of all the tickets and licensing requirements they need to provide us before we send them to site. 


Ideally i don't want to export to excel and then try to manipulate the data into something half decent looking. The stakeholder would like it to display as a simple table with checkbox to mark as complete etc.


Any tips on how this can be achieved? 

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@swignall Power Apps is the way to do it as you can have toggles, checkboxes and lots of other stuff that looks nice on screen, can be printed out etc. There are lots of good videos on YouTube by Shane Young which can get you started then cover more advances features.


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