HTML code in Sharepoint WebPart not working

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I want to insert a simple HTML webpart in my SharePoint Page but after entering the HTML code nothing happens it stays as is.


<h1>My First Heading</h1>


My original code is different but I tried above code as well but it just doesn't work.

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@addy2020 Hello, what web part are you currently using to insert html elements?

@ArefHalmstrandCode Snippet webpart

That web part only shows the code lines on the page. Use this link below to implement the correct web part.

@ArefHalmstrandI'm a sharepoint user. You sure I can implement this script webpart. I don't see modern code snippet available as shown in the link you shared.

You will need access to the app catalog. This is a SPFx solution built by the PnP community. You need to download the solution, bundle it into a sppkg and upload it to the app catalog. Then you will be able to use it on a SharePoint page.

@ArefHalmstrandNever did before what you're saying. Can you guide me or share some link for it?