How to use SharePoint CDN with font awesome.Error: Failed to load resource: the server responded wit

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I have a sharepoint online site that has been setup for CDN(THIS IS NOT SPFX) and its using font awesome as part of the branding. The issue is its giving me the errors in the link below Click to view here

A sample of the url webfont is 


Also getting error CSS3116: @font-face failed cross-origin request. Resource access is restricted.

Thanks in Advance

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How and where do you load the fontawesome file? Is it by a custom action or in a content editor webpart? Or somewhere else?

Thanks Khalid all the files are in  style library.

i can see the reference when i do view source on the page but not sure how it was added and i can't see any ref in the masterpages


Thanks Khalid.
Found out that it was public CDN issue.