How to re-enable modern list experience - instructions


Just to get this written down somewhere. Instructions to move back to modern view, if you have clickced "Return to classic SharePoint" in SharePoint Online site.



  • You are in modern view in list / in site contents page
  • You click "Return to classic SharePoint" to move to classic view
  • UI is changed to classic view
  • Status change is saved as a session cookie and will automatically reset next time you connect in new session

You want to move to modern view immediately? Steps to clear the setting:


  • Open developer tools in your browser
  • Move to cookies view
  • Delete 'spinu' cookie under the SharePoint Online URL (has value of 0)

You are now back on the modern experience. 


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Great tip! I always go back to list settings and change it to modern view experience. 

Thanks Vesa! Great tip!

Wow - thank you!  Searched for hours to figure out why Chrome rendered Classic (even after changing Advanced Settings back to New) ... was all fine in IE.