How to change Announcements title in a TeamSite?


So, I've created a page using Announcements where people will be posting news from external resources.  However, the title of each item (news article) is so small. Is there a way to make title bigger, and change its color?

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I am assuming your using the old school classic site and Announcements list? No way to use a modern page instead and the News web-part? It's a much better experience for this type of thing.

If you must use the annoucements what I used to do was make a view, that just showed the Body text only, and Tell people to put the Title inside the body, so they basically are pasting an HTML document right into the page as an annoucement. Then edit the web part and select that view showing the body only.

Yeah, for now I can't use modern version, as the organization is not yet moved there. I will try what you suggest, but still, there is no way to change it? 

Yeah kind of but it's a lot to do and learn, but it's possible using xslt on the web part. See this for a reference on how to edit it, but it's similar concept.