How to build customer app on sharepoint

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Since August I have as project to create a web customer space on SharePoint and show charts and news from Excel and Outlook. Each client have his own SharePoint Online Site and Excel containing data to build Charts.

My problem is that i'm trying since August to find a solution to do this " automaticaly" like when we have a new customer, I don't want to build a new SharePoint site by doing all the settings and adding pages one by one. Then I started to look at Power Automate and I created a Forms with MS Forms but I can't create a SharePoint Site with this only subsite with HTTPRequest. 

Secondly I tryed to do it with Power BI, I created a workspace and my charts but I can't keep a "template" of a chart to apply it to another Excel which have the sames table only the data is changing.

Next, I tryed to export my data from SharePoint to do it on an External Web Site, then I tryed Azure and it didn't worked again, I tryed to scrap a SharePoint List with Python and it's impossible because of Microsoft Security.


My last try was to create a Template of a SharePoint website. Then I did it but i can only apply it on SharePoint subsite. Then I did a SharePoint Site Script, but I can only do "simple" things with it, I can't create pages and adding webpart to them etc...

So there is my Answer, can I do it ? Can I create multiple Customer SharePoint Online site with Charts ? My Excel files are saved in OneDrive then SharePoint can access to them. :cry:



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@Wawan4137  it is possible, but as usual, it would be a complex solution.

For example, you can do a lot of stuff using PNP provisioning engine also using azure function + devops pipeline to get a solution to different sites/tenants.


For example:

Using PNP provisioning engine you can export sharepoint site with all webparts, using its config file you can write script to include/exclude things like navigation/security and etc. If you need some custom fields with value you could when use Sharepoint Site design script to add some default values to fields or do something with theme. With site design you can even call MS automate to do some cleanup or some additional steps. 


Microsoft working on some provisioning solutions as we speak but it is always complex project.

Good luck.