How To: Add unique ID to div

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I am creating my first simple web part that will modify a div. I want to find the div by giving it a unique ID. As it is possible for a user to put more than one of my web part on a single page, how do I make the div's ID unique to each web part instance?


I am creating the web part using the SharePoint Framework using the tutorials found at:


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Hi @smithme 

sure you can create and assign a Guid 

var guid: Guid = Guid.newGuid();


import { Guid } from '@microsoft/sp-client-base';



I failed to mention that I am using the SharePoint Framework with Visual Studio Code. I modified the original post to try and clarify my question.

Thanks for your help.


Side note:
I didn't need the import line as the Yeoman scaffolding already included it for me (something I never noticed before) with this line of code:


import { Version, Guid } from '@microsoft/sp-core-library';