Hoe to use CQWP against the new news app?

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I am testing a combination of old and new stuff. 

I have a classic team site that contains a modern page with the new news app. The news app has some posts and I can see that each post get saved as pages in the "Site pages" library. Nothing wrong with that.

Now back in the classic team site I tried to setup a CQWP to get the news and show them in the classic team site but whe i select "site pages" as the source in the CQWP I don't get the news pages. I get the other pages in the library but not the news. 

I have cheked the site pages library if there is some special content type used for the news page put all the page seems similar. 


Is there a way to get the news shown in the classic team site by using CQWP or CSWP? Or if I need to develop a custom add-in what information should I use to diference the news page from the other pages? 


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When I was playing around with this idea for putting news on classic pages, all I did was use the Content Search web part, switch to advanced mode on the basics tab, and erase the query and put int "PromotedState=2"



This literally gave me all the news articles across the tenant, and you will only see what you have access to since it's search and trimmed. You can take it further to add filters, design elements etc. But that worked for me, for a basic pull in the news web part. 


I will test the PromotedState=2 right now I am using the CSWP but with a different query, it works but I am gonna test with the PromotedStarte=2 to see what happens.


Just one question which is driving me crazy. How the new news app know which pages are news or not? In my Site Page library exists both, news page and normal pages but I can see any difference in theirs proeprties, how the news app knows the difference? 


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