H1 Tag renders as H2 tag in modern page text webpart

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Noticed that when using the modern text web part, if you select text and format it as an H1 heading, it actually creates an H2 heading. 

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@Jaymz Yates, have you received any feedback, answers, or clarifications?

I'm getting the same result - even using the Markdown webpart, my H1 tags are rendered as H2. I'm trying to get the auto-anchors to work, but since nothing is rendered as H1, I suppose that is why the auto-anchors aren't working either.

I've also tried deploying pages using the PnP PowerShell (Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate) and forcing H1 tags onto the page, but so far no luck.

We just started our Modern SharePoint journey and noticed the same. How do we fix this? it's a fail from an accessibility perspective.