H1 Tag renders as H2 tag in modern page text webpart

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Noticed that when using the modern text web part, if you select text and format it as an H1 heading, it actually creates an H2 heading. 

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@Jaymz Yates, have you received any feedback, answers, or clarifications?

I'm getting the same result - even using the Markdown webpart, my H1 tags are rendered as H2. I'm trying to get the auto-anchors to work, but since nothing is rendered as H1, I suppose that is why the auto-anchors aren't working either.

I've also tried deploying pages using the PnP PowerShell (Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate) and forcing H1 tags onto the page, but so far no luck.

We just started our Modern SharePoint journey and noticed the same. How do we fix this? it's a fail from an accessibility perspective.
Has anyone every got a response from Microsoft on this? I find it hard to believe that with the company preaching accessibility....that SharePoint Online/Online Modern Experience is NOT accessible with the H1 tags rendering as H2 tags and H2 tags rendering as H3, etc.

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This is known behavior in SharePoint online. As per Microsoft:


Many Web Parts introduce a level 2 heading to pages without providing a means for users to change that heading level.


For headings added to pages using the Text Web Part, the heading level the page author specifies is downgraded by one when presented to the end user (e.g., a heading a page author sets to level 1 will be presented as a heading level 2 in the final HTML). The purpose of this is to ensure that the page title is always the only heading level 1 on the page and to avoid conflicts with heading levels when users copy and paste from other sources.


Tables added with the Text Web Part do not have column or row headers defined.


Find more details at: Accessibility Question about Heading Levels and Heading Styles 


I will suggest you to:

  1. Raise a support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this: Get M365 support - online support 
  2. Submit feedback/idea on SharePoint Feedback Portal 

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I have submitted feedback as I do not have the admin permissions to submit a ticket. Please upvote on my feedback so that MS will pay attention to this issue: https://feedbackportal.microsoft.com/feedback/idea/aca4ea8b-ba5a-ed11-a81b-000d3a7e4185

@smblair72 Voted on the feedback/idea.

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