Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate Exception Could not load one or more request types

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I try to generate a provisioning template from a clean Site Collection on O365.

It's a Publishing Site without workflow, with some custom Site Content Types and Columns (simple type of columns, no calculated, lookup, managed metadata).

No customization as branding or workflow, and zero custom lists or library.


PowerShell script (with only method Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate) crashes with message "Could not load one or more request types" (or similar, the message is in italian language, I translated it)


Version of SharePoint Online Client SDK is the same (latest) of SharePoint Online Management Shell and I use latest SharePoint PnP PowerShell Command Module for Online.

I use SharePoint tenant administrator credentials (not Global tenant admin).


In trace log settings, last message is about saved file in folder.

Then, exception.


What can I do to understand exception?


Thank you!

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It seems to me it is a bug in the with the resx files of italy.

Best thing to do is report the bug in the github of the pnp team.

I tried to install previous version module of pnp powershell and then it's ok.
(AppyTemplate goes in error at the end, but it is another problem :) )
thank you

(I leave question opened because new version has probably issues)