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I have created a folder content type that has some columns that I want our users to fill in when they create a new folder.

However, after adding the folder content type to the document library, when I select the new option I cannot see the new folder content type i have just created.


Kindly help.

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Can you try below and see if it works

1. Navigate to your SharePoint site with admin account > click the gear icon > site settings

2. Click Content type publishing > click the Url in hubs section

3. Click create > choose the Folder Content Types for “Select parent content type from” and Folder for “Parent Content Type” > OK.

4. Click on the newly created folder content type > Manage publishing for this content type > choose publish > OK

5. Navigate to the library which need to custom the document template > click the gear icon > library settings

(If the library hasn’t been enabled “Allow management of content types”, click advanced settings > choose Allow management of content types and click OK)

6. In Content types section, click Add from existing site content type > add the folder content type > OK.

7. Back to the library with new experience, click New > check if the content type appears in the list.


Hey SPO Admin,


Thanks for the response.


This was helpful.