extracting clinetsidepages with PnP provisioing engine V201705 latest release


I have just been testing this new version, following along with the demo using a console prog in the september SIG for provisioning engine. Am testing against a brand new modern team site which contains the home page and another modern page i created. While the get template  appears to work and i have the serialised XML with the right schema and generator references. What i dont have in the xml is any ClientSidePages element.


has anyone else had this working and can suggest what i have missed? 



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some more progress on this but still confusing.


I can extract modern pages from a classic site. after the getTemplate has executed in the console app the template object has the ClientSidePages object populated.


run the same code against a new modern team site or comms site and the template object is empty even tho both sites have only modern pages.




for the Applytemplate command,  this works against a new modern team site and creates a working modern page. no problem.


stranger and stranger... 

any thoughts would be appreciated.