dynamically integrate the extracted powerapps with SharePoint list

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We are migrating our portal from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online.
In our current SharePoint portal we have around 150 sitecollection and each sitecollection is same struction and same functionality. here we are using CSR Script as JS Links in each Form (New, Edit and View) to segregate the Fields in Tab format as well as bind and display the Taxonomy data in cascading dropdown control.

Like we are using cascading dropdown for business structure (Business, Company and Department)


Now, We are migrating to SharePoin Online. our business need same functionality and we are not going with Classic View. We are going with Modern View.
I can able to create PowerApss to achieve this same look and feel and the cascading functionality for single list by creating the PowerApps manually.

But here the big challenge is , how do we create this PowerApps and Integrate with relevant List Automatically.

Another feature is, we are creating Sitecollection by PowerShell script, along with our custom list and library while creating list and library we are applying the CSR dynamically using powershell script. In SharePoint 2013.

How do we achieve the same in SharePoint Online.


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Hi Any suggestion for above request.