Document Center in Modern SItes

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We have a Document Center in the current Intranet which is SharePoint classic site based. Planning to migrate to Modern Sites. There are only two templates available for Modern Sites (Communication Site Template and Team Site Template). How to create Document Center site in the Modern Sites? Do I need to create a normal Modern Team Site and use it as Document Center site? Thanks!

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The only option I see is to create a modern site and enable document center features in the modern site, but this option really depends on the document center features you want to use

Thanks for your reply!

In the current Intranet we use the OOB "Send To" connection to send the documents from various Team Sites to the Document Center. Content Organiser rules, Drop off Library etc are used to forward the documents to the Document Center. Documents are reviewed, approved and published in the Document Center.


There is no "Send To" and "Document Center" in modern sites. Trying to replicate similar behaviour as above in modern sites so thought of checking whether we can create a normal Team Site, activate required features and use it as Document Center. Butt not sure whether content organiser rules, drop off library etc work in modern sites.


Also the "Send To" connection creates a shortcut to the moved document in the source team site so team site users can still have a link to the moved document in their team sites along with the metadata. Is there any method we can achieve this functionality or any alternative suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks!


Well, then I would recommed you to stay in the Document Center template since there are not replacements in the modern UI for the Send To...i believe in a modern site you can still use the Content Organizer, but I have not tested myself. Also you coul test if the Copy To option can be a good replacement for the Send To option