Display the discussions and blogs in Modern UI

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Hello Everyone,


Is there any option to display the SP Discussions & Blogs in SP Modern Page using any Modern OOTB webparts?


Can you please let me know. 



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Thanks @Juan Carlos González Martín for your reply.


When can we expect this to be available in Modern UI. Also, Can we suggest clients to migrate to Modern UI at this moment - As we don't have complete/basic standard webparts that are expected to be available in any standard site like -


1) Content Editor webpart - Only option for now is to Embed using iframe. But, we may have the responsive issues again.

2) List View (preview) - Do not have option to set the List GUID/List Name to display the content

3) Image Gallery - No option to map the pictures library. Only option to upload pics to webpart and show


May i know the best options to take at this moment?



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Any suggestions here?