Deployment and Updating SPFx Web Parts or Extensions

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I apologize if this has been asked before, but if deploying an update to a SharePoint Framework package (either web parts or extension) deployed to a tenant App Catalog, does the package always need to be redeployed to the App Catalog or is it possible to just update the files in the CDN location?



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IMHO, you have to update the full package
Thanks! Yes, I have since noticed that one of the js files is updated on every build.

I had the same question.. Unfortunately, it seems that you have to update both the CDN files and the app package.

One thing I noticed, though, is that as you keep building your solution, new files are generated instead of updating the old ones. I used to upload all of the files in the temp/deploy folder to my CDN, but then I figured you only need to copy the most updated ones, which makes sense.