Deleted Content Type Reappearing

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Hi All,


I'm a relative newby to the Content Type Syndication Hub in O365 SharePoint Online. I have opened the hidden hub site and built some content types which I then needed to delete. The content types have been deleted  in the CTH and on my only subscribing collection, then when I tick the "Refresh all published content types on next update" on the subscribing site, all of the content types which were previously deleted from the hub and the subscriber site reappear. I'm not exactly sure how to rectify this issue, can anyone help? 

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Before deleting a Published Content Type from your Content Type Hub you should Unpublish it to prevent it from being recreated the next time the Content Types are syndicated by a background process (Timer Job).

The blog below explains the above in more detail:

@Paul Paschathanks for your reply, yeah I already figured that out, but a little too late. I have no idea about PowerShell so I am trying to get any ideas on how to reimplement the CTs with the same ID. 


Thanks again.