Customizing list form on a modern site

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Is there a way to customize the list form without using PowerApps. To user JavaScript or CSOM? Or is there anything else out there that can make this happen? Any help will be much appreciated. 




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@Patty2190 There is no way to customize the modern experience list forms using JavaScript or CSOM.


Any problem you are facing while customizing the list form using Power Apps?


Also there are few ways to customize the list forms using SharePoint capabilities. But it's totally depend on what type of customizations you want to do. Check below documentations:

  1. Show or hide columns in a list or library form 
  2. Configure the list form 

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No issues with PowerApps is that i created a solution just leveraging SharePoint and its capabilities, and using content types yet the form out of SP is not allowing me to lets say add a "Submit" button next to the original Save button. Now i do have this other question. If i change the list to classic view could i change the Edit form?