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We are looking to add a custom global feedback solution to our busy Sharepoint intranet.


In the Sharepoint Admin Center, there is a really nice feedback button in the lower right corner. Clicking this button opens a very user friendly modal, with alternatives for feedback. See pictures. 


Basically, we would like to implement a copy of this functionality, and add it to all sites/ pages in our intranet. Just like the buttons behaviour on the Admin Center, only difference being that our internal support team receives the feedback. 


Is there any recommended or preferred manner to solve this problem? Would this be a SPFx web part, or possibly an extension? At this moment, we would appreciate any tips or directions in where to start looking. 


Feedback button.pngFeedback total.png

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It seems like using page Page placeholders docs  could be something to investigate, and add this as an app to all relevant sites, perhaps?



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@mountBoom You have to create a custom SPFx application customizer and deploy it at tenant level.


Check if any of the below given samples helps you: sp-dev-fx-extensions samples 

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