Custom page layouts/default content for Modern Pages?

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I am trying to come to grips with the best model for creating a template/layout for custom modern pages.


For example, in classic Publishing pages, we could create page layout templates that included default web parts and layouts.  This would allow users to quickly scaffold content while also filling in some metadata about the page itself.


This isn't currently possible with modern pages.  My question-- are there plans to do this or provide this type of extensibility?


For example, the modern "Events" page seems to be a modern take on this type of functionality.  Users can set metadata (time/date) on the page itself, while also filling in some pre-added web parts (text, images, etc.).  However, there is no way to update this template or inherit from it to add a custom layout or additional metadata to the page.


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I have the exact same question albeit for custom News Articles. In terms of usability allowing the selection of a custom content  types from the New Menu option:


So adding "My Company News Post" to the menu below which not allows both the selection of the custom content type and also the custom layout(s) that are associated with the content type

New Article.PNG




In my case I have  


  1. Provisioned a custom Site Page content type in my tenant's default content type hub site
  2. Ensure that all of my  Hub, Communication and Modern Team Sites have this set as the default CT in their respective site page libraries
  3. Created my ideal CS modern page layout / instance ( also as a provisioning template.) for the above content type

Perhaps, I would create a Flow that either provisions a new instance of a site page based on the provisioning template. Better, still this Flow could trigger when a new site page is added and apply the above poisoning template to that page, as long as it is based on my custom content type.  However, looks a bit over engineering to me ( and probably my client! ). Be interested in anyone's thoughts.