Creating Modern Page with specific layout

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Currently when you create a modern page, you create a page with 'SitePages' content type and as creator or designer of page you can arrange sections on page as you want. Question is can we define named layouts for SitePages like we do with PageLayouts for modern page so when user select that named SitePage template, new page is created in that templated layout and user can change the layout if he wants once created?

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No, you cannot currently create your custom page layouts for modern SPO pages...this features is planned to come in the future, but no ETA yet

The only option to create similar pages at the moment (without using custom code) is to copy an existing page. It's far from being ideal, but you can create a "template page" and then copy it every time a new page is required. 

Again, this is clearly not an alternative to page layouts, but maybe it could work for your requirements

Thanks Joel. We actually looking for option for user to select a template before creating a page.

I know, but unfortunately (as Juan already mentioned) that is not yet available for modern sites. I really hope we get some similar feature soon as it's a common requirement from clients 

Copying a page is not the same idea of creating page layouts we have being doing for years in SharePoint